Food Prep 2019Well, it's that time of year again, time to do food prep for hiking, on the road travel, and, of course, the apolcalypse.  We've added two exciting pieces to our go food prep team - a Mueller mandoline slicer and an Impulse poly bag/sealer set.  Last year in preparation for Patrick's hike, we employed so many ziploc baggies and that's not a bad system.  We decided to play around with deydrated foods going into sealed bags and right into the freezeer.  A quick bagging into sealed bags helped prevent micro bear invasions.
dehydratorOur new products are added to our Nesco dehydrator and a good old crockpot.  Our crockpot is huge for full time RV folks.  One of us often considered getting rid of the monstrosity and replacing it with a nice little round one better suited to a small family.  We're pretty happy we've kept it now as we work on dehydrated cooked meat!  Recently we fit 10 pounds of chicken quarters along with flavoring veggies and spices into the pot. 
But back to the new stuff!  The goal was to add to the proteins with both TVP and cooked meats.  The first try was a rotisserie style roast chicken we cooked up in the crockpot.  After dehydration the meat was very crispy and reminiscent of fried chicken.  Very difficult to keep our hands off of it in its dehydrated form.  It is amazing crumbled up and sprinkled over noodles, couscous, or to finish off a tortilla.  We tried it rehydrated in our hiker beans and rice and it was perfect.  We filled the pot with the aforementioned 10 lbs and went to town.
Next up we worked on entire crockpots full of chicken or pork.  We're calling the pork "SpacePork" in honor of the "SpacePort" here in T or C.  Plus, if any astronauts are reading this, we'd be happy to cook and deydrate you up a batch, no joke.  SpacePork - the pork you take to space!
The projects are going along very well - stay tuned for more from the dehydrator!  Check our recipes and techniques in the recipes section of the site.
Food Prep 2019 - Part Duex